In Case You Missed It: Most Recent App Icons and New Features!

Welcome to our first-ever newsletter, where we share all the latest updates happening at Clubhouse! From company announcements to product updates and everything in between, we want to make sure you’re always in the know. Today, recent app icons and new features. Let’s dive in!

Meet Our Latest App Icons 📱


We thrive on genuine connections and friendships built here at Clubhouse. And with our App Icon, we can shine a light on a diverse array of impactful community leaders. A stellar example is BlackGrlsTalk, first a Club and now a House, founded by Shayla Washington. Read on ➡️

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“Wait…you know them too?!” Introducing Mutuals! 📇

We know that good conversations start with things we have in common, so we’re breaking the ice with Mutuals — an easy way to see who you know in common with other participants in the room. Read on ➡️ 

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Catch the latest Town Halls on Replay 👋

Every week Clubhouse HQ hosts a Town Hall meeting to share the latest and greatest with the whole Clubhouse community.

Tips and Tricks 🔥

New ways to get the right people in the room

One of the best parts of Clubhouse is meeting your friends’ friends. We recently launched Instant Invites to make that even easier. And now with the ability to add Topics to Houses, you have more ways to get the right people in the room.