In Case You Missed It: Co-Hosts, Rooms on Web, and (R.I.P.) Lounges.

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House: Co-Hosts! 📅

Finally – You asked and we delivered! We appreciate your patience as we worked to add the co-host role to house events. We are excited to share that houses now have the option to add a co-host to your scheduled event, just as in clubs previously. This should make it easier to add your besties, co-founders and special guests to your room..

House: Rooms on Web!🌐

Now you can browse and join existing rooms, or create a new room, all on Web!

Just as before, you can still access the house chat, send, react or reply to messages from web, too.

When you join a room on web, the room page will look very similar to the previous web lounge page, allowing you to access both house & room chat, speak (when permissible), emoji/GIF react, etc. This also enables the hand raise queue, so you can raise their hand in applicable rooms. House members with permission to rename the room can click the three dot menu in the top right corner to update the room title.

R.I.P Lounges!

The lounge is now closed. We evaluated lounges over the past few months to see how they were being used. We got a lot of feedback about how they were confusing -- especially since a bunch of House features didn’t work in the lounges. We recently ran an experiment to see whether Houses with lounges are more successful than Houses without lounges, and based on the data, it seemed that lounges weren't really helping founders with their goals for their Houses, and so we decided to retire the feature.

For those of you that liked them, you can always set your house settings to allow anyone to start a room, any time, so everyone can chat whenever they want. Thank you for working with us as we continue to understand the biggest priorities for the community so we can build a product you really love.

Community Reminders 🔔

Community Get Togethers 🆕

As you know, the Clubhouse Weekly Town Hall is on summer vacation, but we still want to get together every week.

Every Tuesday at 5pm PT, we will hold a room in Clubhouse HQ featuring different members of the community., From comedy to music to performance and info sessions, it could be anything. Check out the replays in the Clubhouse HQ house for recent rooms featuring spoken word from Floetry Poetry Vibes as well as a comedy set by former app icon Tehran.

Have an idea? Let us know at

Clubhouse IRL 🆕

If you're planning on hanging out with some of your favorite Clubhouse folks in your town - or even just interested in the idea of a local event - then let us know! Just fill out the form below and we can help connect you with some local Housemates. We might even help you promote the event and throw in some sweet swag to make your meetup unforgettable. Just picture it: you and your Housemates, hanging out and making memories that will last a lifetime! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to take your online connections offline.

➡️ Fill out the form here

Need inspiration? Here is one that was sent into us. The EverMindful house is a community of friends that have met on Clubhouse and now they are meeting up for their 3rd annual IRL event this July, with attendees flying in from Philippines, Australia, Canada and all over the US.


Photo: From 2022 meetup

Community App Icon 🆕

We recently launched our first Community App Icon! We got lots of incredible applications, and loved hearing all of the unique stories of how Clubhouse brought you together.

From CH to IRL: Your New App Icon Has Arrived

While Clubhouse is a place for unparalleled discussions, communities and conversations of all kinds, our ultimate mission is to increase friendship in the world. And it happens here, every day. Why? Nothing does more for our happiness than having good friends. They make your life richer, make you think, and make you feel at home.

"Take the initiative: Reach out to your Clubhouse friends and suggest meeting up in person." - Morris Mills

▶️ You can read more on our full blog post here.

Programming Notes

Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

June is Pride Month and we want to know how you are planning to mark it. If you have any rooms planned - or are interested in helping plan one around a topic of interest- we want to know. Please let us know at

Wellness Wednesdays🧘

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we held our first ever Wellness Wednesday, a room with guided meditation and wellness tips. Miss it? Good news: there is a replay. Hosted by some amazing community members, we are excited to have these monthly right here in our Clubhouse HQ house.

▶️ Catch the replay here.

Celebrating AAPI: Reshaping Hollywood


If you missed this incredible event celebrating AAPI contributions in Hollywood, we took a deep dive into the transformative impact Asian actors have had on the industry over the years. It was an evening of nostalgia and new connections, as we were joined by Clubhouse Icons, OG’s and fresh faces. So if you couldn't make it, make sure to check out the recording - it's a room you won't want to miss!

▶️ Catch the replay here.

Sunday Music Room 🎺🎵🎸

Ready to jam? Join us for our Sunday Music Room, every Sunday 9 AM PT, where we showcase the incredible musical talent that lives across the hallways of Clubhouse. From classical pianists to heavy metal guitarists, musicians come from all over the world and span every genre imaginable. You never know who will show up, but one thing for sure: they’re all incredible artists. And each week we feature some of the incredible talent here.

▶️ Catch a recent replay here.

Community Highlights 👋

A drop of some of recent highlights here:

Film Club

The Film Club, founded by Justine Bateman in September 2020, hosts incredible gatherings for filmmakers and film fans to discuss great filmmaking, classic films, avant-garde films, and recent standouts.

They recently hosted a review of the classic 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross. Alec Baldwin, who was in the film, even popped by for a bit. Justine does these rooms every Tuesday so check out the Film Club House so you don't miss these kinds of great events

▶️Check out the House here.

Remembering Tina Turner

As you know, last week the world lost a legendary rock & roll icon, Tina Turner, at the age of 83. There were so many amazing rooms remembering her, but we wanted to call out a few worth mentioning. The Power of Influence house hosted a moving homage called, “R.I.P. Tina Turner: The Queen of Rock-N-Roll. The Mom & Me house indulged in a walk down memory lane, joyfully celebrating some of the timeless Tina Turner classics. First Note Play's Tommy Jackson hosted a touching “Tribute to Tina Turner (RIP)”, and lastly THOC (the house of creativity) reflected on her extraordinary journey, her struggles, triumphs, and the legacy she has forever etched on the music world.

▶️Check out the replays here: Room 1, Room 2, and Room 3.

Women Watching Sports Live

Calling all sports fans! The Women Watching Sports Live house is your NBA finals headquarters! Join them as they watch and discuss Game #1 Nuggets vs Heat live.

▶️Make sure you RSVP here.

Tips and Tricks: 🔥

The Art of Conversation Moderation 🎨

As a House founder, admin, or moderator on Clubhouse, you have the power to control the conversation and keep things on track. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Manage Speakers: As a House founder, admin, or moderator, you can invite speakers up on stage and remove them if necessary. You can also control who can raise their hand to speak or turn this feature off altogether.
  • Mute Speakers: If someone is being disruptive or going off-topic, you can mute them to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.
  • Turn Chat On or Off: In-room chats can be turned on or off, depending on your preference. You can also remove messages from the chat or report them if necessary.

➡️ For more information on how to keep your House in order, check out this blog post: